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Knowsley Treatment Facility

Leading Waste Management Company

Future Industrial Services are one of the leading waste management companies in the UK, offering a number of treatment processes and technologies to meet the requirement of Government agencies, Local Authorities, Public Utilities, National and Multi-National companies.


The company operates a range of specialist equipment including a large fleet of articulated vacuum tankers able to carry a wide range of products. The site at Knowsley, near Liverpool, specialises in the processing of bulk liquids and packaged waste that require specialist handling and treatment.

Over a number of years Future have developed the site at Knowsley and have available a unique range of processing and treatment options including;

  • Physio Chemical Treatment
  • Air Pollution Control, residual treatment
  • Dewatering
  • Waste transfer, recovery and recycling
  • Packaged waste recovery and disposal
  • Sludge handling and Recovery
  • Oil separation and recovery
  • Specialist Metal Recovery

This development continues as Future invest heavily in new processes and technology to drive the market in recovery and recycling towards more sustainable waste management.


Materials accepted at Knowsley

The site at Knowsley is permitted for 200,000 tonnes per annum operating within its 7.5 acre site.

This allows great flexibility in the range of processes it operates and range of materials it can handle, these include specialist treatments for:

  • Packaged and Bulk wastes for recovery and treatment
  • Bulk Acidic wastes
  • Leachates and Effluents
  • Sludges including oil bearing sludges
  • Oil bearing wastes
  • Air Pollution Control residues
  • Aqueous effluents and wash waters
  • Packaged materials
  • Contaminated soils and solids
  • Contaminated Packaging
  • Filtercakes, effluent cakes and solids

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