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Mercury Recovery Plant

Recovery/Decontamination Service

FIS offer a comprehensive mercury recovery/decontamination service which will undertake site decontamination/spillage response throughout the UK.

Mercury Services

mercThis is supported by a specialised mercury recovery plant where mercury contaminated waste removed during clean-ups can be treated.

The Plant can handle a variety of mercury bearing wastes for treatment including:

  • Treatment of Lamp powder
  • Treatment of Inorganic Mercury Lab Smalls
  • Treatment of Dental Amalgam
  • Treatment of Mercury contaminated soil, Thermometers, Sphygs, PPE, ¬†and Plant equipment
  • Off site investigations, sampling and removal of plant & equipment for Mercury decontamination and recovery/ disposal.
  • Emergency spills


The Process

The process has a capacity to handle tonne quantities in a batch process (although part-loads can be handled also ) and is based on the breakdown of mercury compounds into metallic mercury followed by vacuum distillation to leave a residual ash which meets the current requirements for landfill and a mercury fraction typically 99.99% pure.

This operation has been developed in direct response to environmental legislation restricting the land disposal of mercury wastes. The process is recognised as Best Environmental Practice by the Environment Agency and carries full IPPC authorisation and can be offered from our Facility in Berwick upon Tweed.

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