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Metal Recovery Plant

Chemical Etchant Solutions

FIS operate a metal recovery plant for the supply and recycling of chemical etchant solutions used in the Electronics Industry (PCB manufacture).


The etchant solutions are used to strip away surplus copper from the printed circuit boards resulting in a spent etchant saturated with copper salts. This is returned to FIS and processed chemically to regenerate the fresh etchant and provide copper products which are used mainly in the wood preservative industry. This process is consistent with the FIS Environmental Policy.

FIS has extended this expertise to the processing of other copper bearing materials in the manufacture of copper compounds, most notably copper oxide and basic copper carbonate.

The company’s expertise extends to both bespoke chemical plant and process design to suit the needs of the client. We can undertake investigational programmes to develop processes from laboratory through to pilot plant and full scale processes, supported by in-house expertise in chemical plant design and the preparation of appropriate documentation necessary for relevant authorisations and licensing.

The work with copper etchants has lead to further investigations into other materials linked with the Electronics Industry, most notably Nickel and Tin.

Future holds both ISO 14001 and 9001:2000 accreditations as well as appropriate Environmental Authorisations for all its processes.

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