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Mobile Dewatering Units

Mobile Processing Solutions

Disposing of liquid sludge can be very expensive, FIS can offer Mobile Processing Solutions or Fixed Installations to reduce the volume of these wastes to a dry filter cake and aqueous stream which may be recycled back through the production process. This system of waste minimisation can be used in projects of all sizes, and is suitable for organic & inorganic sludges.

FIS can carry out a sample filtration press of the products using our mobile filtration unit to which we can illustrate the quality of filter cake that can be achieved.

FIS mobile processing solutions offer mobile centrifuges and filter-press capacities ranging from 5m³ to 125m³ per hour and the additional application of multiple units can further increase this capacity. These machines can be mobilised at short notice and be operational on site within a matter of hours and come complete with polymer batching tanks and or pre-treatment conditioning and reaction tanks. FIS also have mobile membrane filter-press plant capable of delivering 15 bar (double the usual operating pressures offered by standard filter-presses) resulting in filter-cakes of exceptionally high dry solids content.

FIS can design, build and operate a fixed processing plant and equipment to customers exact requirements and also provide a range of integrated essential services, such as skips or bins for waste collection.

FIS also offer mobile carbon adsorption units that can be bolted on to filtrate lines to remove residual organics from aqueous effluents.

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All FIS service contracts include a 24 hr emergency call-out service, 365 days a year and the company’s mobile engineers are supported by an extensive stores department.

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