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Ammonia Recycling

Ammonia Recycling Treatment of Ammonia laden solutions/ wastewaters

Ammonia removal (NH3) out of wastewater in an NH3 stripper absorber combination


Wastewater from Industrial processes and solutions from electronic & plating industry often contains high concentrations of ammonia. To remove the ammonia, air stripping of ammonia-laden solutions is a proven technology.

FIS operates an Ammonia stripper at the Berwick facility. The ammonia or NH3 is first stripped from the solutions in the stripping tower. The equipment used for this stripping process is similar to that of the gas scrubbing technology: an NH3 stripping tower is a packed column (with internals and packing inside) similar to those used for chemical gas scrubbing. The preheated ammonia-laden water enters the stripper on top, a counterflow gas stream comes in from the bottom of the NH3 stripper. NaOH is added to obtain a correct pH value, which will allow the ammonia to be dissociated or stripped from the water. The treated solution/ water will be collected at the bottom ot the stripper; the now ammonia-laden gasses leave the striptower at the top, for further treatment in the NH3 absorber.

Depending on the wastestream, the recovered solution from the ammonia stripper will go for further treatment for reuse, recovery or disposal through secondary processes at the Berwick facility.

In the absorber the ammonia-laden gasses are treated with Hydrochloric, to absorb the ammonia. The outcoming gasses are recirculated to save on energy costs.

The end product of this technology will be a concentrated salt solution (ca. 25% ammonia Chloride solution – which is reused on site). This way, the technology is entirely fitting in the cradle-to-cradle philosophy.

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