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Contaminated Soils

Disposal of Contaminated Soils

Future Industrial Services Limited has carried out decontamination, disposal and groundwater remediation on a wide variety of sites, e.g. petrol stations, gas works, port developments, landfills, domestic, industrial, commercial, power generation and pharma-chem sites.

Future Industrial Services Limited can offer effective solutions for the removal and disposal of contaminated soils.

For larger projects we can offer transport and export directly from the contaminated site to the disposal facility.



  • Contaminated soil testing
  • Classification of soil, hazardous, non-hazardous or inert
  • Development of site remediation plans
  • Contaminated soil excavation and permitted haulage off site
  • Issue of disposal/recovery certificates
  • Disposal of Coal Tar Road Planings

Soil Treatment Options:

  • Biological treatment of hydrocarbon contaminated soil on or off site
  • Soil washing of granular type soils
  • Thermal treatment of soil contaminated with hydrocarbons
  • Landfill

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