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Dry Vacuum Services

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Vacuum removal of materials means less manual handling, and the ability to access product that machinery cannot reach. Our equipment can vacuum and discharge by blowing, tipping and high-tipping materials (From fine powders to heavy sludges)

vacuum-power-filling-operationsRemoving spillage and build up by vacuum prevents the material re-circulating which occurs with brushing or air-lancing. As the material is drawn up the vacuum pipe, fresh air is drawn to the work place – this provides better working conditions for the operators.

Recognised by Disab as a specialist in the use of vacuum trucks, we are regularly consulted on technical issues for our operational expertise.

Our fleet was selected to give us a wide range of capabilities- we have standard suck and blow LN200 machines, plus High-tip units, and articulated / Split Shaft P210 units for road haulage.

LN200 Rigid Units – the workhorses of our fleet. Ideal for site work all the units deliver high performance suction capability. Once loaded the material can be tipped or blown as required by the site.

LN200 Hi-tip Units – the versatile solution provider. All the features of the LN200 rigid with the added function of being able to high tip into skips, big bags and IBCs.

LN200 Articulated unit and P210 Split shaft unit – The haulers. The same vacuum performance as the rest of the fleet but with enhanced road haulage capacity up to 15m3 or 15 tonnes.

Vacuum Separator Skip – Enhances road haulage capacity working with a Disab it gives an additional 14m3 of volume.

LN35 Bagging Machine – compact 7.5t unit able to vacuum and bag materials quickly and efficiently – ideal for smaller volume tasks where a LN200 would be too large or not commercially viable.



Vacuum removal of chalk powder from cyclone duct.

  • 110m above ground
  • Confined Space and fall restraint work.
  • 25 tonnes removed.

Vacuum removal of perlite insulation from decommissioned LNG storage tanks.

  • 75,000 m3 of perlite vacuum removed and conditioned with water.
  • Two Disab units working in rotation.


Biomass removal from feed hopper.

  • 15m3 of material in feed hopper on heating system for sheltered accommodation.
  • Material potentially off spec and couldn’t be used.
  • Bagging machine deployed to vacuum remove material and place in to sealed big bags.
  • Bagged material collected and recycled.

Vacuum cleaning for Cement Works major shutdown.

  • Up to 4 Disabs supplied, working 24 hours, 7 days per week for three weeks.
  • Up to 350m of flexible pipework deployed.
  • All material processed on site.
  • Mix of cement materials, ground coal, clays and sand.
  • Bespoke RAMS for all tasks.


Vacuum removal of carbon black sludge from settlement lagoon.

  • Water vacuum removed and blown into settlement tanks.
  • Heavy sludge vacuum removed and hauled off site for centrifuging.
  • Excavators then used to clear contaminated clay lining.
  • Site testing programme to meet EA criteria to ensure site contamination free.

Vacuum cleaning of PFA from flat store, product recovered into road tankers.

  • Vacuum removal of 500 tonnes of residual stock removed from store.
  • Cleaning around aeration pads to ensure no residual contamination for product change.
  • All material loaded into road tankers to allow off site supply of material during the cleaning process.
  • 100 tonnes per day throughput.


Blow transfer of pea gravel to cover flat roofs on bespoke house build.

  • Vacuum suction of 15 tonne batches of gravel.
  • Precision blow discharge to spread the material 50mm deep on to elevated roofs.
  • Solution avoided intense manual labour to spread product to areas that conventional machinery could reach.

High Performance Road Cleaning

  • Dry vacuum cleaning of road.
  • Full vehicle width high airflow suction.
  • No dust emissions.
  • Able to work with explosive dusts.
  • Clearance in wet conditions including slurries.

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