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Food Silo Cleaning

Future Industrial Services Food Silo Cleaning

High Power Vacuum Recovery of product combined with silo hygiene and silo maintenance. Our in-house range of services provide a complete solution for your storage silo needs.

Our unique system is the only portable high power vacuum food recovery system in the UK.  It is suitable for fast transfer of products such as grain, flour, sugar and plastic beads.

  • In plastics we regularly recover materials as a result of silo discharge or mis-filing issues, keeping the material clean for re-use.
  • In sugar we regularly recover product from site silos to allow maintenance work to take place or to rectify mis-filing or off spec material deliveries.
  • In flour we recover material for reprocessing as a result of silo discharge failures and material quality issues.
  • Our cyclone system has a flame quench explosion relief system to comply with ATEX requirements.
  • The vacuum recovery system complements our bagging systems for spoilt product which is taken away for recycling or disposal.
  • In grain storage we have recovered many thousands of tonnes of product after equipment failures and stock flow issues.

Storage Silo Hygiene

  • Our special access teams are able to enter all types of storage vessel to internally clean.
  • We offer Managed Silo Cleaning Packages and Audit Compliance, including issuing and logging of Cleaning Certification.

Material Blockages

  • Cardox trained teams able to break up and move material safely.
  • Use of rock drills and pneumatic and electric tools to break up hard material.
  • High power vacuum system able to remove material including lumps up to 5” diameter.


Sugar Recovery

  • Food grade recovery of sugar when storage and feed equipment fails.
  • Vacuum removal of off spec or contaminated material for disposal.
  • Stand-by and call out support for manufacturing plants for product changes and plant shutdowns.

Grain Recovery

  • Rapid recovery of grain when discharge screw fails or outlet blocked.
  • Discharge of product into existing plant conveyor systems.
  • Removal of spoilt product from storage silos.
  • Rope access and confined space entry to clean silo internals


Recovery of PET beads from the top of HDPE silo after a tanker discharged to the wrong silo

  • Core flow silo would have blended products if extracted from the base rendering the entire contents of the silo useless.
  • Vacuum recovery from the top of the silo via food grade 316 stainless steel cyclone allowed 95% of the material to be saved.
  • 5% of material from interface layer sent for re-working.

Material Blockages

  • Bagging machine despatched to work with rope access crew.
  • 5 tonnes of material removed and bagged.
  • Material collected and taken off site for recycling.

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