recovery & disposal

Future Environmental Services

specialist recovery services

Future Industrial Services are able to offer specialist recovery services for a number of sector wastes, allowing materials to be re-used, recovered or recycled.


Mercury Recovery Plant

Future Industrial offer a comprehensive mercury recovery/decontamination service which will undertake site decontamination/spillage response throughout the UK. This is supported by a specialised mercury recovery plant at our Berwick facility.

The mercury recovery plant has the capacity to process up to 2 tonne batch quantities and is based on the breakdown of mercury compounds into metallic mercury followed by vacuum distillation to leave a residual ash, and a mercury fraction typically 99.99% pure.

This operation has been developed in direct response to environmental legislation restricting the use of mercury bearing products. The process is recognised as Best Environmental Practice by the Environment Agency and carries full IPPC authorisation and can be offered from our Facility in Berwick upon Tweed.


Metal Recovery Plant

Future Industrial operate a metal recovery plant; recovering mainly copper, nickel, Cobalt and tin from waste materials for re-use or recycle. It is also used for the supply and recycling of chemical etchant solutions used in the electronics industry (PCB manufacture)


Ground contamination & Lagoon Management

FIS has carried out decontamination and lagoon management on a wide variety of sites, e.g. gas works, port developments, steel works, industrial and commercial premises, power generation and pharma-chem sites. Future Industrial Services Limited can offer effective solutions for the removal and disposal of contaminated soils. For larger projects we can offer transport and export directly from the contaminated site to the disposal facility.


Ammonia Recycling Treatment of Ammonia laden solutions/ wastewaters

Wastewater from Industrial processes and solutions from electronic & plating industry often contains high concentrations of ammonia. To remove the ammonia, air stripping of ammonia-laden solutions is a proven technology.

Future Industrial operates an Ammonia stripper. The ammonia or NH3 is first stripped from the solutions in the stripping tower.


Recycling of Nickel and Cobalt bearing solutions, filtercakes, sludges and catalysts

Future Industrial has extended their service to in house recovery and recycling of Nickel bearing solutions, filtercakes, sludges and catalysts.