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Confined Space Entry

Confined Spaces

We have extensive experience in working in extremely difficult conditions – high temperature, harmful materials, restricted work space, unusual or one off entries, BA work and provision of rescue teams.  We often use vacuum or manual cleaning techniques whilst inside the confined space.


Entry into autoclave to remove exploded concrete blocks from carrier train

  • High temperature confined space.
  • Vacuum and manual removal of blocks and material.
  • Gas monitoring and escape BA.
  • Full BA rescue.
  • Decoupling of carriages and progressive recover of train.
  • 45m length of entry.

Cleaning of air duct on cement works.

  • High temperature due to residual heat in refractory.
  • 40m above ground, 70m of Y shaped ducting.
  • Multiple entry points, complex rescue plan.
  • 24 hour working with shift handover.


Cleaning of combustion hearths at Coffee production site, combined heat and power waste incinerator.

  • Alkaline material hazard to operators.
  • High temperature.
  • Very restricted access with complex internal fall risks due to configuration of refractory

Cleaning of underground conveyor tunnels at grain storage facility.

  • Wet conditions with potential biohazards.
  • Pressure washing in confined space.
  • Vacuum removal of materials.
  • Potential atmospheric problems.

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