Future Industrial invests in new services to support the diversion from landfill

Over the past 12 months Future Industrial Services has invested heavily in new services to enhance service offerings and help industry in its move away from landfill and further up the waste Hierarchy.

The introduction of WM3 and specifically the update of ecotoxic classifications means more filtercakes and residues previously being disposed of as non hazardous will require new options to improve recycling options and reduce potential increases in disposal costs.

Our improvements aim to address this and cover a wide range of improvements;

  1. Recycling of filtercakes, sludges and powders
  2. Development of its specialist metal recovery capabilities
  3. Enhancement of its oil processing and recovery
  4. New options for the recovery of energy held within flammable wastes
  5. Treatment techniques which minimise the environmental impact of disposal of Aqueous Waste effluents
  6. Reuse of hazardous and non hazardous materials that have previously gone to landfill
  7. Developing regional infrastructure to reduce the impact of transport
  8. Enhancing its onsite industrial services capability to reduce wastes at source
  9. A new fleet of low emission vehicles that comply with Euro 6 standard & full ADR safe pass providing us with multi functional vehicles that can save you time and money due to their performance range.