Future support DIY SOS: the big build

Future Industrial Services Hazardous Waste Team recently supported BBC’s DIY SOS: the big build. A truly remarkable story….
FIS were pleased to be asked to attend the BBC’s DIY SOS Big Reveal.

Along with many other traders and contractors, we helped support DIY SOS’s Big Build to transform a house in Torquay into a home where a family could re-build their lives.

Single dad Stuart (47) has suffered with progressive Multiple Sclerosis since daughter Lauren (15) was born.  Stuart, who is 6’7” tall – lives and sleeps in a chair in the living room as he can’t get himself back upstairs without help, and struggles to navigate the home in his wheelchair.

His primary carer is his mum: Grandma Lin (73) who is completely blind and has been since her 20”s.  Lin has been walking across town from her rented flat to Stuart’s house, 7 days a week to cover all his personal care and even without a guide dog.

As well as the impractical house the family were physically and emotionally living apart.  Lauren needed Lins help even more as she tries to cope with her dad’s illness at a key time in her life.  Lauren has grown up as a young carer but has also struggled to come to terms with her families challenging situation.

The house was reconfigured to include an extra bedroom with all bespoke care that Stuart needed, along with facilities for Lin to be there 24/7 and a bit of space for Lauren.

It is a remarkable story and Future Industrial Services were proud to offer their Hazardous Waste Services to make the dream come true.