Cutting of Gas Main, Gas Flue Lines and COG Mains

Future have provided services to a high quality steel manufacturer for over 25 years.Among the works completed on the site include the cutting of various large sections of Gas Main and Gas Flue lines or COG mains.We have cut and removed the lines having removing large amounts of pyrophorics.

Lines have been up to 42” diameter filled up to 100% with heavy dry solids including sulphurs, lead, mercury, arsenic and gases that once exposed to ambient air and oxygen become pyrophoric.

We have also cleaned a number of heavy product vessels such as crude oil and bitumen’s etc.

Future have cut many vessels on the site such as the main crucible heads over 100mm in thickness and prepped ready for welding allowing both time to be saved and the steel to be unaffected by a heat affected zone that would require further preparation before the new head could be installed.

Future have a reputation for process design and manufacture within our workshops and fabrication shops around the country. Waste and Jet cleaning overspray retention can be an extremely important part of any contract due to a number of variables such as rapid expansion in volume in contact with water, toxicity and pyrophoricity of a waste material.

We have used such systems on many sites over the years including those offshore where control of waste is extremely important due to many floors being gratings and the potential to contaminate the ocean below.

These systems allow full containment and control of the material whilst allowing the contract to continually progress within a controlled environment.