Spill Response

Future Industrial Services received a call from the EA late evening as a vehicle had overturned and spilt some waste oil onto the grass verge adjacent to a drainage ditch. Fluid was entering a roadside ditch which fed a water course.

With restricted access to the incident area, due to narrow country roads an artic tanker could not gain access.

Within the hour Future had responded with an 8 wheeled rigid vehicle on site, sucking out the fluids from the drainage ditch.  The weather was particularly inclement, washing waste oil through the grass verge and into the ditch.  The EA formed a dam at the outlet end of the drainage ditch to capture the water before it entered the adjacent watercourse.

The following day, Future met representatives from the local authority and the EA on site.  Future suggested that a temporary cover was placed over the grass area to stop the oils leaching into the ditch.  Future procured a membrane type material and placed it over the polluted area to stop further ingress of rain water.

Removal of oil and waters from the ditch continued during the course of the day and into evening and tipped the waters into a storage barrel stored off site in a secure bunded area.

The process of uplifting fluids from the drainage ditch alongside the minor road that led into a water course continued for approximately 3 weeks.  Using a vacuum tanker and 4″ pipes across the bank covered in thick black plastic membrane the process was carried out at various locations along the ditch as directed by staff on site.

The waters were tested by the EA continually until they were happy that no further pollution was leaching into the water course