Underground Interceptor Tank Cleaning

Empty & clean FP2 CSC Class 1 with Econoskim Interceptor Tanks and visually inspect. 421,890 litres of waste sludge/washings removed to inhouse disposal facility.

FIS took on this interceptor cleaning project which would involve using multiple FIS departments.

FIS had to clean and inspect the fuel island interceptor tanks to ensure there was no damage that could affect the system running properly or any damage to the tank shell that may lead to the tank leaking.

The tanks containing waste water needed to be emptied and disposed of before inspection could begin.

After being emptied, wall bricks, heavy rubble and pipework were removed from the bottom.  Heavy sediment was also found and oil on the tank walls, floors and tank ends had to be jet washed before inspection.

FIS cleaned the tank with TFR and uplifted using the jet vac tanker.

After thorough inspection the manway covers were found to be in good condition with no cracks, damage or sinking but rust was picked up and noted.


Project Details

  • Underground Interceptor Tank Cleaning
  • Site: Factory/Manufacturers
  • Empty & Clean FP2 CSC Class 1
  • Econoskim Interceptor Tanks
  • 421,890 litres of waste sludges and washings removed with ADR Tankers
  • Disposal into inhouse treatment facility
  • Removal/disposal of bricks, pipes, heavy rubble and sediment
  • High Pressure Jet Washing
  • Jet Vac Tanker
  • Gas Free Certificate