Future welcomes South West Industry Regulation Team

Last week our SW Hazardous Waste Recovery Facility in Devon welcomed 7 members of the South West Industry Regulation Team from the Environment Agency.  

The purpose of the visit was to showcase our newly redeveloped hazardous waste transfer station, built in line with the new Appropriate Measures EA guidance for Chemical Waste Sites. 

Fortunately the weather was kind and the team enjoyed the tour as we showcased our industry leading facility, bespoke drainage systems, state-of-the-art fire prevention & suppression systems, advanced CCTV security, and the construction of 24 new bays allowing necessary segregation of 800 different EWC code materials with increased storage capacity of up to 900 tonnes. 

The Environment Agency commented “It sets an impressive benchmark” offering a variety of waste containerisation products to safely store, exchange and transport waste materials.