Future’s newly re-developed South West Transfer Station, opens!

FIS South West Treatment Plant

Showing confidence in the South West with over £1 million worth of investment, Future Industrial Services (‘FIS’) newly re-developed Hazardous Waste Tranfer Station has opened.

Offering tailored made packaged waste management solutions for businesses of all sizes, the facility will carry on recovering packaged wastes such as paint tins, aerosols, fluorescent tubes and batteries but also accepting new waste streams such as electronic waste. 

The re-development sees the capacity for packaged waste expand significantly to more than 900 tonnes of storage along with a substantial increase to more than 800 types of acceptable wastes.

Utilising the well-known Hazmat container exchange service (1100L, 200L, 100/400 and Dolavs), customers can benefit from a collection, exchange, transport and disposal service which can also all be booked or quoted for online https://futureindustrial.com/booking-form/