Volunteering in the Community

South West Team Volunteering in the Community
Volunteering in the Community

At the Augean Group, we are dedicated to creating a positive influence on the community and protecting the environment. We take part in different activities to support the community. Recently, a team from our South West facility volunteered at Beehive, Honiton to assist with the first phase of their sensory garden. Their efforts will help create a beautiful space for people to enjoy.

The Beehive in Honiton, East Devon, is a well-known community venue, run by a community-led charity, that has received awards for its exceptional offerings. This venue hosts a variety of live events and shows movies for its visitors to enjoy. Additionally, The Beehive provides space for the locals to engage in community activities, making it an important hub for social gatherings in the area.

Our team weeded the garden area, readying it for preparation for some raised flower beds, but leaving the Poppy as a way to honour the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, a small gesture to show our acknowledgement of the courage and dedication of those who fought in the battle, ensuring that their bravery and valour are never forgotten.